Diaphragm pump diaphragm proper installation method

Before the installation of the pneumatic two-way diaphragm pump, it is fixed first, and then the inlet and outlet pipe is connected according to the inlet and outlet of the two-way pneumatic diaphragm pump. Then connect the trachea, open the air compressor for ventilation, and the pneumatic diaphragm pump will work normally. When installing, pay attention to whether it is fixed, and do not let the one-way pneumatic diaphragm pump shake back and forth.

(1) Remove the lower flange screw from the pipe and remove the pneumatic one-way diaphragm pump.

(2) Remove the 4 screws that hold the pump head, and the screws are located on the back of the diaphragm pump.

(3) Remove the bolt and remove the bypass pipe.

(4) After the pump head is loose, remove the pump head. Keep the connection firm so you can unscrew the diaphragm.

(5) Take out the tetrafluorosphere and sealing gasket.

(6) Pull outward to free the screw from inside the jack. Grab the liquid and rotate counterclockwise. With a little resistance, you can unscrew the diaphragm.

(7) Remove the other side of the bypass tube, the tetrafluorosphere and the sealing gasket.

(8) Once the diaphragm is removed, check the diaphragm safety of the engineering plastic pneumatic diaphragm pump to ensure that it is intact and without any damage. Install the new diaphragm and turn the backplane and diaphragm clockwise until tight. Adjust the back plate so that the drain hole is located at the bottom of the cast iron pneumatic diaphragm pump.

(9) Remove the side cover of the pump body successively.

(10) After the diaphragm is installed and the backplane drain hole is placed in a vertical position, install the pump head. Make sure that the suction valve is aligned with the leakage discharge hole and that the screws on the hydraulic end are aligned with the corresponding four holes.

(11) At this time it can be seen that the diaphragm has been damaged.

(12) Rotate to stroke length 100 position. This allows the whole unit to rotate to align the backplane drain hole with the bottom end of the aluminum alloy pneumatic diaphragm pump. Adjust the hydraulic end and diaphragm to the proper position during diaphragm pump operation.

(13) After the position of the hydraulic end and the backplane is adjusted, the 4 bolts are tightened diagonally until they fit. The work should be done with even force.

(14) Install nitrile diaphragm and tetrafluorodiaphragm. Then install it in the reverse order of removal.

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