The differentiation of various hot oil pumps should be learned

Hot oil pump is a series of products jointly designed by ISO international standards, mainly composed of pump body, leaf transmission line, sealing ring, impeller nut, pump cover, sealing parts, intermediate support, shaft, suspension parts and so on. The heat conduction oil pump cover is fixed on the middle support through the stop, and then the pump cover is clamped in the middle through the connection between the pump body and the middle support stop. The pump body is axial suction, radial discharge, foot support type, and can be directly fixed on the base. The suspension component is fixed on the middle bracket through the stop and supported on the base by the suspension bracket. To facilitate disassembly, the extended coupling is designed, which can be repaired without disassembling the inlet and outlet connecting pipe, pump body and motor. Just remove the middle coupling of the coupling, you can exit the rotor component for maintenance. This is the current common form of construction.
The rotation direction of the high temperature heat conduction oil pump is directly driven by the motor through the extended coupling. From the motor end, it rotates in a clockwise direction. Pump with higher temperature oil, generally do not need centrifugal, so easy to vaporize hot oil, produce gas chamber, so that the impeller of the pump is damaged, generally use screw type, gear type.
Centrifugal type, screw type, gear type main distinction:
First from the principle of the pump can be divided into positive displacement pump and rotary pump. Positive displacement pump is due to the volume of the pump to achieve the transfer of liquid; Rotary pump is driven by the rotary pump wheel to achieve the delivery of liquid. Among them, screw pump and gear pump belong to the former, they each have advantages and disadvantages, suitable for conveying different types of liquid. Centrifugal pumps belong to the latter, the liquid quality requirements are not so strict.
If from the pump structure, screw pump can also be divided into single screw pump, double screw pump and three screw pump. Gear pump can also be divided into internal gear pump and external gear pump, generally used to transport low viscosity oil. Centrifugal heat conduction oil pump is composed of pump shell and impeller, all kinds of pumps belong to this kind, the use is also quite wide.
At present, there are many kinds of high temperature heat conduction oil pumps on the market, so we should pay attention to the selection.

The differentiation of various hot oil pumps should be learned-China Saiken Pumps