Run the pneumatic diaphragm pump

Run the pneumatic diaphragm pump:
Pneumatic diaphragm pump belongs to one of our commonly used pumps. Before we repair and maintain the pneumatic diaphragm pump, we first need to have a clear understanding of the operating principle of the pneumatic diaphragm pump. The pneumatic diaphragm pump belongs to a piston positive displacement pump, the air source enters the air chamber, and then drives the diaphragm to the left and right reciprocating piston movement. In this process, the four ball valves of the diaphragm pump will run up and down, its role is equivalent to a one-way valve, the medium in the pneumatic diaphragm pump will also be extruded out of the pump, in the process of using the diaphragm pump, we only need to pay attention to the diaphragm is not damaged

Operating principle diagram of pneumatic diaphragm pump
Pneumatic diaphragm pump maintenance

  1. When the pump is in operation, but the flow rate is low, then the pump should be checked accordingly. Mainly check whether the pump body is cavitation phenomenon, if there is a corresponding phenomenon, then it should be adjusted in time to the inlet pressure of compressed air. At the same time, the operating speed of the pump body should also be reduced, and the main purpose of doing so is to adjust the viscosity. Of course, it should also be checked whether the valve ball is stuck out, if the card is out, then it should be cleared in time
  2. When the pneumatic diaphragm pump starts, it is relatively slow or unable to start. Then you should check the filtration, pressure regulation and lubrication device, and you should also have an understanding of the use of the air inlet filter to see if there is blockage. Of course, the gas valve should also be checked to see if there is a broken valve
  3. It should also be understood about the specific discharge of the liquid, if there is leakage, then the diaphragm operation should be checked accordingly, the first is to check whether the diaphragm is broken. Of course, it should also be checked that the diaphragm is properly installed and locked. At this time, it is very important to understand the structure diagram of the pneumatic diaphragm pump. Of course, the outlet liquid should also be checked to see if there are a lot of bubbles, if there are bubbles, it should be replaced in time.
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