Pneumatic diaphragm pump regular maintenance problems

Pneumatic diaphragm pump daily maintenance:

Life pneumatic diaphragm pump and air conditioning pneumatic diaphragm pump weekly daily inspection and maintenance, every six months for a comprehensive maintenance.

Fire pneumatic diaphragm pump and spray pump every month, pressure pump every February for a trial run, running time 10-15 minutes, fire pump starting at the top of the pipe network test hydrant outlet spray range of up to 6M, every six months for a comprehensive maintenance.

Sewage pump, submersible pneumatic diaphragm pump every six months for a comprehensive maintenance.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump maintenance should be connected with the pump body within 2 meters of the valve, pressure gauge, pipeline and other pump maintenance at the same time.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump maintenance issues to pay attention to:

1. The air valve is damaged and leaked prematurely, resulting in the pump not working. This is mainly caused by sundries (dust, iron oxide, etc.) in the air source entering the valve. Iron gas pipelines are especially important. Therefore, it is recommended to use a good gas pressure filter. In addition, the rust water in the air compressor and gas pipeline should be regularly excluded to ensure that the pure air into the pump body.

2. Everything is normal when the pump is installed on the new site. After a period of time, the pump will not work. This is because the working conditions of the air compressor are poor, there is a lot of dust, and then the debris in the new pipeline enters the pump together in a few hours may block the guide valve, so that it can not work and the dead pump. Verify the method, replace with a new guide valve to see the result. Solution: Disassemble the guide valve for cleaning or replacement.

3. Do not forget to clean the through hole on the valve shell when cleaning the outside of the guide valve sleeve.

4. If the diaphragm press plate is not smooth due to serious oxidation around it, it should be replaced, otherwise it will damage the diaphragm.

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