Pneumatic diaphragm pump orientation must be easy to use

Pneumatic diaphragm pump the best device should be selected in a shortest and most straight inlet and outlet pipe junction. Additional pipe bending and fitting equipment should be prevented as far as possible. Pneumatic diaphragm pump pump body should be able to support all lines independently. Moreover, the pipeline should be placed in order to prevent the stress of the pump body pipeline device. At the same time, movable hoses can be installed to eliminate the stress caused by the natural round-trip action of the pump. If the pump body is to be connected to a fixed base, a cushioned cushion between the pump body and the base will help reduce the pump body sensation. The position must be easy to use, which will facilitate maintenance personnel to carry out daily inspection and debugging. Generally, there are requirements for the orientation of the equipment. A parallel device with conflicting requirements may lead to obstruction in the service area, affecting other pump installations. Please give full consideration to the self-priming ability of pneumatic diaphragm pump to prevent self-priming reduction. Each pneumatic diaphragm pump shall have a snorkel, and the snorkel shall be able to supply enough air to achieve the ideal pumping flow. Air pressure depends on different pumping requirements, but does not exceed 7BAR. Pump position can be decided only after considering the position of each possible pipeline problem.

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Pneumatic diaphragm pump orientation must be easy to use-China Saiken Pumps