Pneumatic diaphragm pump industry role

Electronic pneumatic double diaphragm pump is specially developed for high-tech electronics industry and highly corrosive media, the whole plastic pneumatic double diaphragm pump. Its material is PTFE, conductive PTFE, PE, conductive PE, SS316L. It is very suitable for the pneumatic double diaphragm pump used in the working environment of high pollution, high danger, strong acid, low noise and clean room. In particular, the printed circuit board (PCB), semiconductor industry, packaging industry, super corrosive transportation and optoelectronics industry and other high-tech industries are most suitable.

Since the 1990s, the rapid development of China’s chemical industry and the domestic market, enterprises and manufacturers are more demanding and stringent for corrosive media transportation. The leakage of toxic and corrosive media greatly affects the safety of operators and the pollution of the environment. Electronic pneumatic diaphragm pump can effectively prevent and solve such problems.

In general, in the transmission of special or high purity media as much as possible to reduce the media leakage caused by unnecessary pollution and waste, if necessary, by the use of electronic grade pneumatic diaphragm pump in the above two functions to ensure the safety of the operator, the environment and media pollution, so this kind of pneumatic diaphragm pump can be widely used in the transmission of special chemical media.

Pneumatic one-way diaphragm pump with reliable quality of long service life, noise bottom, small vibration, never crash, fine work and other six advantages, that is, can pump the flow of liquid, but also can transport some difficult to flow the medium, with self-priming pump, submersible pump, shield pump, mud pump and impurity pump and other conveying machinery many advantages.

1, the flow is spacious, through the performance is good, allowing the maximum particle diameter of 10 mm. When pumping mud and impurities, little wear to the pump;

2, pneumatic one-way diaphragm pump does not need to fill water, suction up to 5 meters, head up to 70 meters, outlet pressure ≧7bar

3, the pneumatic one-way diaphragm pump has no rotating parts, no shaft seal, the diaphragm and other pumping medium is completely separated from the moving parts of the pump, the workpiece medium, the conveyed medium will not leak outwards. Therefore, when pumping toxic, volatile or corrosive media, it will not cause environmental pollution and harm personal safety;

4, the head, flow can be stepless adjustment through the valve opening (air pressure adjustment between 1-7bar)

5, can be immersed in the medium to work

6, no need to use electricity, safe and reliable in flammable and explosive places

7, the pneumatic one-way diaphragm pump simple structure, less wearing parts, the pump structure is simple, easy to install, maintenance, pump transport medium will not contact the valve, rod and other moving parts, unlike other types of pump due to rotor, piston, gear, blade and other parts wear and performance gradually decline;

8, easy to use, reliable work, open and stop simply open and close the gas valve, even if there is no medium operation for a long time due to unexpected circumstances or sudden stop of the pump will not be damaged, once overload, the pump will automatically stop, with self-protection performance, when the load returns to normal, and can automatically start operation;

9, pneumatic one-way diaphragm pump does not need oil lubrication, even idling, there is no effect on the pump, which is a major feature of the pump;

10, can transport viscous liquid (viscosity below 10,000 cm);

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