Pneumatic diaphragm pump how to choose the valve body

Pneumatic diaphragm pump in the actual production process of cavitation and flash will directly affect the calculation of flow coefficient. In the process of use, noise and vibration will be effectively formed, which will directly lead to a shorter service life of the valve, so it is necessary to prevent cavitation and flash of the valve in the process of valve selection. Mainly because the product valve body types are very many, in the process of choosing its valve body is a very important link. Commonly used valve body has a small flow, through the double seat, eccentric rotation, diaphragm, spherical, butterfly shape, before choosing the valve body, to control the process of the medium parameters of the careful analysis. Mainly based on the characteristics of the selection of flow and unbalance force and other factors for comprehensive consideration, diaphragm pump in the process of choosing the valve body is mainly based on the shape of the spool structure. The wear resistance of the product is mainly when the fluid medium contains a high concentration of suspension of wear particles, the combination of the spool and seat will be subjected to serious friction every time it is closed. The material inside the valve needs to be hard and the flow path of the valve needs to be smooth. The corrosion of the equipment is mainly because the medium has a certain corrosive, the equipment in the case of meeting the regulation function, need to choose the simple structure of the valve as far as possible. The need to use the data of the valve seat and spool by temperature, pressure changes small valve, diaphragm pump in the process of use, the temperature and pressure of the medium if the change is relatively large. To prevent cavitation flash and flash only produced in liquid medium.

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