Pneumatic diaphragm pump has what application

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Pneumatic diaphragm pump with compressed air as the power, through the air exchange valve, reversing mechanism and other parts to achieve reversing, so as to drive the reciprocating motion of the diaphragm in the pump chamber, resulting in pressure difference in the chamber, so as to achieve the function of suction and discharge media. It solves the traditional diaphragm pump large structural defects (external valve, easy to crash, and make the valve suitable for short life), built-in valve, really realize the pneumatic diaphragm pump never crash, and compact structure, long service life, convenient maintenance, and far beyond the performance of the old diaphragm pump.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump, as an important type of diaphragm pump, is widely used in many industries. As for the applications, let’s take a look.

Chemical industry: acid, alkali, solvent, colloid, magnesium hydroxide, paint, sewage, resin, latex, adhesive, mud discharge, stabilizer, filter press, electrolyte;

Construction: adit and pool drainage, cement slurry, ceramic tile adhesive, lime paste, ceiling coating, pattern spraying;

Daily chemical: detergent, cream, shampoo pneumatic diaphragm pump, latex, hand soap, surfactant, hair spray, soap;

Electronic: solvent, electroplating tank, ultra-pure liquid, ultrasonic cleaning liquid, sulfate, salt and nitrate waste, etching acid, propanone, polishing agent;

Food: salt water, chocolate pneumatic diaphragm pump, vinegar, syrup, vegetable oil, soybean oil, honey, dog and cat food, animal blood;

Mining: tunnel drainage, drainage, coal slime and stone slurry, cement slurry, cement grouting, oil transport, explosive slurry, adhesive, lubricating oil, foam;

Municipal: water tank and adit drainage, sewer cleaning, chemical products, surface sewage, emergency drainage and irrigation, leakage cleaning, waste oil, oil and water separation;

Spraying: resin, solvent, acrylic acid derivatives, wood preservatives, paint, Ti02 pulp, primer, dyeing agent, dispersion agent, cleaning tank, alkyd resin;

Drugs: plant extract, flake, ointment, alcohol, filtration AIDS, excess filtration, plasma, waste solvent;

Electroplating: anode sediment, plating tank, paint, enamel, solvent, cleaning tank, filtration;

Paper: emulsion, adhesive, pigment, resin, dispersion agent, printing oil, Ti02 pulp, kaolin, hydrogen peroxide;

Refining: container bottom sewage, oil residue, container cleaning, clearance, oil surface slag, sea water;

Metallurgical casting industry: metal core adhesive, hydroxide and carbide, dust purification liquid, core washing, loose mold;

Textile industry: chemical printing and dyeing, starch and sizing, resin, dye, emulsion;

Sewage treatment: lime milk, dilute pulp, sewer sewage, chemicals, filter press canning, polymer, waste water;

Electricity: residue, oil-water separation, acid, alkali, sewage;

Public utilities: pollution liquid, purifying machine material, lime milk, transformer oil, resin products;

Automobile manufacturing: grinding emulsion, oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, sulfide, starter oil, emulsified oil, paint, additives, decontamination tank, cutting oil;

Aerospace: aircraft refueling and drainage, satellite refueling, solid rocket propellants, underground missile launchers;

Beverages: Fermentation, tank residue, hot fruit pulp, snake seed liquid, syrup, concentrate, gas-liquid mix, wine, fruit juice, jam, corn pulp;

Ceramics: mud glaze, glaze, enamel glaze, clay, mud, lime slurry, kaolin slurry;

Furniture: adhesive, paint, dispersing agent, solvent, dye, white latex, epoxy glue, starch glue.

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