Pneumatic diaphragm pump diaphragm what types

Diaphragm is the main component of pneumatic diaphragm pump, directly related to the normal operation of pneumatic diaphragm pump. Diaphragm pump diaphragms of different materials have different functions. Next, saiken Pumps introduces the common diaphragm types of diaphragm pumps.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump diaphragm of different materials:

Shandao rubber: Suitable for acid or alkaline corrosion, such as sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid and so on, in terms of sexual value and neoprene rubber, this material has better wear resistance and durability

Poly (perfluorinated ethylene propylene) : high price, strong corrosion resistance, better flexibility than polytetrafluoroethylene, suitable for low temperature corrosive media.

Teflon Diaphragm: Excellent for pumping highly corrosive fluids such as sulfuric acid, aromatics, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones and acetate.

Neoprene rubber: An excellent general-purpose diaphragm suitable for non-corrosive liquid transport, such as sewage treatment, tap water or seawater. It is flexible, economical and durable.

Butadiene rubber: The best choice for conveying oil and oil liquids, such as leaded gasoline, diesel oil, hydraulic oil, kerosene oil, etc., conveying non-corrosive specific gravity and consistency of larger slurry choose this diaphragm.

Fluorinated rubber: the best choice for extremely high temperature fluid pumping, maximum temperature resistance up to 176 degrees, can also transport some corrosive liquids, such as flavor, chlorinated hydrocarbons and strong corrosive acid, alkali and other chemical media.

Ternary rubber: the best choice for extreme low temperature pumping, the lowest minus 51 degrees, can also be used for pumping dilute acid or low corrosion of the liquid

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