How to maintain pneumatic diaphragm pump can extend its service life?

Pneumatic diaphragm pump can not only transport high wear medium, but also transport high viscosity and medium containing solid particles and powder, can dry without any damage. We can choose pump casing, Teflon ball, PTFE diaphragm and valve seat according to customer requirements and applications, to provide reasonable, cost-effective solutions. To provide new and old customers suitable for a variety of places and fluids matching pneumatic diaphragm pumps.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump maintenance:

The pump does not need to add any lubricant before and during use. However, when reassembling after disassembly, appropriate grease should be added between the central shaft and the copper sleeve. When installing the diaphragm pressure plate, a layer of grease can also be coated on the inside of the outer pressure plate, so that it is both good positioning and easy to seal and disassemble.

When removing the main air valve spool valve sleeve, do not use a hard device to contact the spool valve sleeve, because the spool valve sleeve is very precise.

Install the air valve and guide valve also need to add a small amount of grease, to ensure good lubrication.

Apply a small amount of grease on the O-ring outside the valve shell before the valve set into the valve shell, and then press it in with your bare hands. Do not beat it.

Before loading the pump, wash the inside of all accessories (air intake part) Sassafras dry, check whether all seals are well sealed (mainly refers to the U-ring on the shaft; O-ring on thimble; O-ring on guide spool; Diaphragm inside and outside compacted seal; Internal and external cavity compaction seal; Ball seat ball valve seal; Guide valve, intake cover, valve gasket seal), can also check the edge of grease side installation.

Note that the pneumatic diaphragm pump valve gasket is positive and negative, can not pad wrong; The upper guide valve should be confirmed to be in place before tightening the bolt, otherwise it will damage the thimble; Pay special attention to the balance principle when the 4 bolts of the air valve are on, and can not be too tight, otherwise it will damage the valve shell.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump operation notes:

1. Ensure that the large particles contained in the fluid do not exceed the large safe particle diameter standard of the pump.

2. The intake pressure should not exceed the high allowable use pressure of the pump. The compressed air pressure higher than the rated pressure may lead to personal injury and property loss and damage the performance of the pump.

3. Ensure that the pump pressure pipeline system can withstand the high output pressure achieved, and ensure the clean and normal working conditions of the driving gas path system.

4. Electrostatic sparks may cause explosion and personal injury and property loss. According to the need to use a large enough cross-sectional area of the wire, the grounding screw on the pump properly and reliably grounded.

5. Grounding requirements comply with local laws and regulations and some special requirements on site.

6. Tighten the pump and the connecting joints to prevent electrostatic sparks from vibration impact. Use an antistatic hose.

7, to periodically check and test the reliability of the grounding system, the grounding resistance is required to be less than 100 ohms.

8, maintain good exhaust and ventilation, away from flammable and explosive and heat sources.

9, pump exhaust may contain solid objects, do not exhaust port to the working area or people, so as to avoid personal injury.

10, when the diaphragm failure, the conveying material will be expelled from the exhaust muffler.

11. When transporting flammable and toxic fluids, please connect the outlet to a safe place away from the work area.

12. Please connect the exhaust port to the muffler with a smooth pipe of at least 3/8″ inner diameter.

13, fluid high pressure may lead to serious personal injury and property damage, please do not in the pump pressure, pump and material pipe system for any maintenance work, such as to do maintenance, first cut off the pump air intake, open the bypass pressure relief mechanism to relieve the pipeline system, slowly loosen the connection of the pipe joint.

14, such as the delivery of harmful and toxic fluid pump, please do not send the pump directly to the manufacturer to repair. Properly handled according to local laws and regulations, and the use of Yongjia Kaimei Pump company pure parts to ensure the service life.

15, liquid transport part of the use of aluminum alloy material pump, please do not use to transport containing Fe3+ liquid and halogenated hydrocarbons and other halogenated hydrocarbon solvents, will produce corrosion cause the pump body burst.

16. Ensure that all parts in contact with the conveying body will not be corroded by the conveying fluid.

17. Ensure that all operators are familiar with the operation and use of pumps and grasp the safety precautions for the use of pumps. If necessary, the necessary protective supplies are allocated.

18, the correct use of the pump, does not allow a long time of empty operation.

How to maintain pneumatic diaphragm pump can extend its service life?-China Saiken Pumps