How to maintain high temperature hot oil pump

High temperature hot oil pump is widely used in small precision mold temperature machine, medical sterilization, small hot oil furnace, boiler replenishment, test equipment, constant temperature tank and other industries, hot oil pump is pipe diameter high temperature medium transfer circulation vortex pump, transfer circulation medium does not contain particles, fibers of liquid (water, heat conduction oil, etc.). The hot oil pump has the features of saving installation space, exquisite appearance, high strength, precision coordination, high temperature resistance and smooth operation.

In order to effectively ensure the working efficiency of the hot oil pump and improve the service life of the equipment, we need to pay attention to the following methods in use:

1, if not used for a long time, the high temperature pump should be placed in a dry, clean and no corrosive gas environment.

2, regularly grease the equipment, hot oil pump for high-speed operation, grease is easy to volatilize, so must make the bearing lubrication can keep clean, and pay attention to add.

3. Overhaul the high temperature pump regularly, including: whether the internal wiring, plug and switch are good, whether the insulation resistance is normal, whether the brush tail seat is loose, whether the commutator has good contact with the brush, whether the stator winding of the armature stage expansion has moderate break phenomenon, whether the bearing and rotating parts are damaged and so on.

4. Pay attention to the insulation resistance of the hot oil pump. If the electric pump is not used for a long time or is used in a humid environment, the insulation resistance of the winding must be measured with 500 volts megrohm meter before use. If the insulation resistance between the winding and the motor housing is less than 7 megohm, the winding must be dried.

5, keep each part and replace the same parts, when disassembling and inspecting the gear oil pump, should keep each part, pay special attention to the flameproof parts of the flameproof surface, hair drawing including insulation gasket and sleeve can not make it damaged, if there is damage, must be replaced on the new same parts, shall not use less than the raw material performance of the substitute material or the original specifications of the parts, When assembling, all parts should be installed according to the original position, can not be omitted.

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