Energy saving effect of diaphragm pump

With the improvement of environmental awareness and the intensification of energy crisis, energy conservation has become the focus of attention in various industries. In the industrial field, the pump is one of the indispensable equipment, and the energy consumption of the pump is relatively large in the entire process. Therefore, improving the energy-saving performance of the pump has become one of the goals pursued by engineers. This paper will focus on the energy-saving effect of saiken pump diaphragm pump.

First of all, let’s introduce the basic principle of pneumatic diaphragm pump. AODD PUMP is a kind of pump that pushes the medium through compressed gas. Because of its special structure and working principle, it has some unique advantages. The diaphragm pump uses the gas pressure difference between the diaphragm and the pump chamber to realize the transmission of the medium. The traditional centrifugal pump requires the rotation of the rotor to provide the power of the medium. This makes diaphragm pumps have obvious advantages in terms of energy saving.

The energy-saving effect of diaphragm pump is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Flexible and efficient operation: diaphragm pump has the characteristics of flexible operation and convenient start and stop. In actual production, due to the needs of the process, the start and stop frequency of the pump is high, and the traditional centrifugal pump needs to consume a lot of energy when starting and stopping. The diaphragm pump can adjust the flow rate by adjusting the gas pressure, and only need to control the opening degree of the valve. Therefore, diaphragm pumps have obvious advantages in terms of energy saving.
  2. With self-priming function: the diaphragm pump has a self-priming function, which can operate normally in an anhydrous state without additional suction device. This allows the diaphragm pump to reduce the dependence on external equipment and reduce energy consumption during use. The traditional centrifugal pump needs to be equipped with suction device before starting, which increases the energy consumption.
  3. No leakage, no pollution: Because the diaphragm pump uses the diaphragm to isolate the contact between the medium and the transmission part, there is no leakage problem, and the waste of energy and media is avoided. At the same time, the diaphragm pump does not need to use lubricants when working, so it will not pollute the conveying medium, improving the environmental protection of the production process.

In the end, we can once again highlight the energy saving effect of saiken’s diaphragm pumps. The diaphragm pump has the characteristics of flexible and efficient operation, self-priming function, no leakage, no pollution, etc., to achieve a greater degree of energy consumption reduction. With the continuous improvement of energy conservation and environmental protection awareness, it is believed that diaphragm pumps will be more widely used in the industrial field, and make more contributions to saving costs and improving production efficiency for enterprises.

Energy saving effect of diaphragm pump-China Saiken Pumps