Diaphragm pump features and advantages

Diaphragm pump is divided into pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pumps are one of the most common types of pumps. The working mode of this pump is also relatively special, through the diaphragm will be transported liquid and live column and pump cylinder separated, this is very conducive to protecting the pump, the effect is very good, so the types of diaphragm pump is also more and more, in order to adapt to a variety of different environmental needs, interested partners together to take a look at the characteristics and advantages of diaphragm pump.

What is the diaphragm pump for? The diaphragm pump is the pump of the transport medium, which is beyond doubt. The flow of the diaphragm pump can be controlled by the regulator, of course, the control signal of the computer can also be controlled, and there are so many control methods, which is also the first step in the production automation of the diaphragm pump.

Diaphragm pump features

1, the diaphragm pump generally has a suction range of 5m to 7m, but also a high lift pump;

2, the diaphragm pump through the flow channel is still relatively wide, so you can transport some media containing particles;

3, stepless regulation is also one of the characteristics of this pump, mainly for a control of the air valve;

4, this pump can be used as a submersible pump, can be re-liquid diving work;

Advantages of diaphragm pumps

1, can transport some chemical properties are not very stable media;

2, because of the characteristics of the diaphragm pump, conveying toxic and harmful media has a protective effect;

3, the volume of the diaphragm pump is very small among many types of pump, the floor area is greatly reduced, and the use level is broader.

4, this pump is explosion-proof, very good, transport flammable and explosive media is very good.

The above is the product characteristics of the diaphragm pump, the use of the diaphragm pump is still very much.

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