Tell me about the aodd pump

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is a new type of conveying machinery, is the most novel type of pump in China. Using compressed air as the power source, all kinds of corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquids can be pumped out.
Many customers in the purchase of good pneumatic pump results can not play liquid. If there is no technical staff who understand the pump in the factory, there may be delays or production interruptions because a pump cannot run, and the reasons why the aodd pump cannot produce liquid are summarized as follows:

1, the proportion of liquid is too large, or the concentration is too large, the suction of the pump can not reach, so in this case, the pump is working, but the liquid can not be played;

2, the valve ball and ball seat in the pump body are not well sealed, and the liquid is immediately returned back, in this case, the pump body is a liquid, but the flow is very small, and the head is very low;

3, the inlet pipe seal is not good, in this case, the pump is normal work, but because the liquid can not suck, so the pump can not play the liquid;

4, the air source pressure of the air intake is not enough, the air source pressure range of the domestic pneumatic diaphragm pump is generally 2-7kg, greater than or less than this value, the pump can not work normally;

5, pneumatic diaphragm pump pump body wearing parts, in this case is easier to solve, replace the wearing parts can;

6, the lowest mistake is to connect the import and export of the pump backwards, the pump is the import under, the export on. The probability of such a mistake is very small, but I have met such clients;

7, the origin of the air compressor is too low will be insufficient gas (normal pressure is 5-7 kg);

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