Selection, installation and use of asphalt pump

Selection, installation and use of asphalt pump:

The selection, installation and use of asphalt pumps. The electric submersible pump used in motor wells must be selected according to its purpose, that is, the electric submersible pump with small flow and high lift should be selected for the oil supply of the pressure tank; The oil supply of the tower should be based on the size and lift of the oil tower, and a medium-flow electric submersible pump can be selected; for farmland irrigation, if the lift is suitable, try to choose a large-flow electric submersible pump. According to the specific conditions such as well diameter, oil output and sand content, the appropriate electric submersible pump specifications should be selected. The installation is carried out in accordance with the instruction manual, and according to the prescribed procedures and requirements. Strictly install in accordance with the specified head to prevent low head and over-flow from overloading the motor and burning the motor. The installation depth should generally ensure that the distance from the bottom of the electric pump to the bottom of the well is not less than 3 meters. When installing the electric pump, make sure that the entire cavity of the motor is filled with oil. After the electric pump is installed, do not turn it on immediately. First, check the power supply, starting equipment, instruments, etc. used, and make sure that it is correct before trial operation. After starting, check the voltage and current of the electric pump with a meter, and put it into work after everything is normal. Before starting each shift, check the power supply voltage and insulation resistance; after starting, check the working current and the operation of the oil pump, and solve the problem in time. It is strictly forbidden to run the electric pump with disease. The electric submersible pump should not be started and stopped too frequently. It cannot be restarted immediately after it is stopped. It must be restarted after the oil in the pipe has returned. If the electric submersible pump fails, first check whether there are any problems with the peripheral equipment, such as whether the power supply is normal, whether the oil level of the well drops too much, whether the pump pipe is leaking, etc. The pump can be lifted out of the well only after the inspection is correct. The submersible electric pump needs to be overhauled after two years of operation, and the worn parts should be replaced. Any repair of the electric pump should be sent to a professional repair station for repair, and fake or inferior parts cannot be replaced. Electric submersible pumps that have not been used for more than one year should be taken out of the well, and put into a dry, non-corrosive room after a thorough overhaul. Drain the oil in the motor to prevent rust and moisture.Selection, installation and use of asphalt pump

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