Pneumatic diaphragm pump valve working principle

1, compressed air for power.

2. Pneumatic diaphragm pump is a kind of displacement pump caused by diaphragm reciprocating deformation, and its working principle is similar to that of the plunger pump. Because of the characteristics of the working principle of the pneumatic pump, the pneumatic pump has the following characteristics:

(1) the pump will not overheat: compressed air for power, in the exhaust is an expansion of the process of heat absorption, pneumatic pump working temperature is reduced, no harmful gas discharge.

(2) No electrical spark: Lishen pneumatic pump does not use electricity as power, and prevents electrostatic spark after grounding

(3) Can pass through the liquid containing particles: because of the positive displacement and the inlet is a ball valve, so it is not easy to be blocked.

(4) the shear force of the material is very low: how to suck in how to spit out when working, so the agitation of the material is minimal, suitable for the transport of unstable material

(5) The flow can be adjusted, and the throttle valve can be installed at the outlet of the material to adjust the flow.

(6) With the function of self-priming.

(7) can be empty operation, without danger.

(8) Can dive work.

(9) A wide range of fluids can be transported, from low viscosity to high viscosity, from corrosion to viscosity.

(10) No complex control system, no cables, fuses, etc.

(11) Small size, light weight, easy to move.

(12) No lubrication so easy maintenance, will not pollute the working environment due to drip.

(13) The pump can always maintain high efficiency, will not be reduced because of wear.

(14) 100% energy utilization. When the outlet is closed, the pump will automatically stop, and the equipment will move, wear, overload and heat

(15) No dynamic seal, easy maintenance to avoid leakage. There are no dead ends at work.

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