Pneumatic diaphragm pump to meet the needs of rapid processing

Pneumatic diaphragm pump flow spacious, through good performance. Allow through large particles up to 10mm in diameter. Pumping mud, impurities, little wear to the pump; Head and flow rate can be adjusted by the valve opening, the pump no rotating parts and no shaft seal, diaphragm pump | pumping medium and the moving parts of the pump, workpiece medium completely separated, the conveying medium will not leak out. So pumping toxic, easy to play or corrosive media, will not cause environmental pollution and harm personal safety.

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps do not need electricity. Safe and reliable in flammable and explosive places; Can be immersed in the medium work, easy to use, reliable, open and stop simply open and close the gas valve, even if due to accidents and long time without medium operation or sudden stop pump will not be damaged. Once overload, the pump will automatically stop the ground, with self-protection performance, when the load is restored to normal, and can automatically start running. Pneumatic diaphragm pump simple structure, less wearing parts, the pump structure is simple, convenient installation and maintenance, pump transmission medium will not contact the valve, rod and other moving parts, unlike other types of pump due to the rotor, piston, gear, blade and other parts of wear and tear and performance gradually decline.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump can transport viscous liquid, the pump without oil lubrication, even idling. There is no effect on the pump, which is the main characteristic of the pump. Pneumatic diaphragm pump uses compressed air as power source, for all kinds of corrosive liquid, liquid with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquid, can be pumped out, especially suitable for flammable and explosive field. Pneumatic diaphragm pump product operation, safe and reliable, corrosion resistance, durable, with self-priming, idling non-destructive, a variety of materials, a wide range of uses, simple device, free from maintenance.

Due to the use of air for power, so flow with the change of back pressure (outlet resistance) and automatic adjustment, suitable for medium and high viscosity fluids. The working point of the pneumatic diaphragm pump is set on the basis of water. If it is used for the fluid with slightly higher viscosity, it is necessary to support the reducer or frequency conversion governor. The cost is greatly increased, and the same is true for the gear pump. Pneumatic diaphragm pump in the site of bad places, such as construction sites, industrial and mining wastewater discharge, due to the impurities in the sewage and complex composition, pipeline is easy to plug, so that the electric pump will form too high load, motor heating vulnerable. Pneumatic diaphragm pump can pass through the particles and flow adjustable, pipe blocking automatically stop to unobstructed.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump small volume is easy to move, do not need foundation, occupy very small ground, simple and economical installation, can be used as mobile material conveying pump, in hazardous, corrosive material treatment, diaphragm pump can be completely separated from the material and the outside world, or some tests to ensure no impurities pollution raw materials. Pneumatic diaphragm pump can be used to transport the chemical properties of the fluid, such as: photosensitive materials, flocculation, etc.

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