Pneumatic diaphragm pump role

The role of the pneumatic diaphragm pump has caused great appreciation in the industry, because the pneumatic diaphragm pump plays an irreplaceable role in the transportation of dangerous and corrosive media. So what is the specific role of the pneumatic diaphragm pump? We’ll give you a brief introduction.

1. In addition, the pneumatic diaphragm pump is small in size, easy to move, does not require foundation, occupies less ground, and is simple and economical to install. Pneumatic diaphragm pump for moving materials.

2. Pneumatic diaphragm pumps can be used to transport fluids with relatively unstable chemical properties, such as photosensitive materials, flocculants, etc. This is because the low shear force of the diaphragm pump has little physical effect on the material.

3. In the construction site with large discharge of industrial and mining wastewater and poor construction site, due to more impurities in the sewage and complex composition, it is easy to block the pipeline and overload the electric pump. The heat of the motor is easily damaged. Pneumatic diaphragm pump can pass through the particles, the flow rate is adjustable. When the pipe is blocked, it will automatically stop until it is smooth.

4. Pneumatic diaphragm pumps are reliable and low-cost in flammable and explosive environments (such as the transportation of fuel, gunpowder and explosives), because: it is impossible to generate sparks after grounding; There is no heat in the working process, the machine will not overheat; Because the diaphragm pump disturbs the fluid very little, the fluid does not overheat.

5. Due to the use of air as power, the flow rate will automatically adjust with the change of back pressure (outlet resistance), which is suitable for medium and high viscosity fluids. The working point of the pump is set according to the water. If it is used for fluids with higher viscosity, you need to use a reducer or frequency converter, and the cost of the gear pump will also be greatly increased.

6. When handling dangerous and corrosive materials, diaphragm pumps can completely isolate the material from the outside world.

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