Pneumatic diaphragm pump different materials different applications

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is a new type of pump, very widely used, used in all areas of life, no motor itself, so it is very safe, can be used in a variety of flammable and explosive occasions, you can use pneumatic diaphragm pump to transport materials. Diaphragm pump because of different uses, also used different materials for production and processing, such as cast iron material, aluminum alloy material, engineering plastic material, stainless steel material, a better design lining fluorine plastic material…… And so on, can meet the process requirements of different manufacturers, below we will be different materials of the application, for you to interpret the pool a pneumatic diaphragm pump in different occasions how to choose the material! Cast iron material, not acid and alkali resistant, suitable for sewage, filter press, etc., as long as there is no corrosive can be used. Aluminum alloy material is characterized by light weight, easy to operate, mobility easy to operate, pool an aluminum alloy diaphragm pump with PTFE diaphragm can be applied in rubber factory, resin factory, glue coating factory, paint factory, printing factory can be transported by pneumatic diaphragm pump! Tank a stainless steel pneumatic diaphragm pump can be used in food factories, can transport jam, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, any can flow, can have a certain viscosity, but as long as the viscosity in a certain range can be transported by a tank a pneumatic diaphragm pump, the better material can be 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel material! SAIEKN plastic pneumatic diaphragm pump, because the engineering plastic material itself can be used to deal with acid and alkaline media, it can be used to transport, some corrosive media, such as chemical treatment plants, industrial wastewater, etc., and some cosmetics factories, transport, emulsion, perfume, shampoo, hair dye, and so on, the washing supplies are transported by diaphragm pump, There is also a diaphragm pump lined with fluorine plastic, this material is well-made, in the PTFE material outside the cast iron shell, can strengthen the shape of PTFE soft, so that it can transport such as aqua king, such as super corrosive liquid, diaphragm pump there are many kinds, if you do not understand how to choose the material, we will be patient to help you choose the material suitable for you!

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