Pneumatic diaphragm pump cleaning

Pneumatic diaphragm pump has many advantages such as convenient use, easy maintenance, long service life, but it will inevitably be cleaned in ordinary use, the need to master the cleaning method of pneumatic diaphragm pump, it is necessary for mechanical equipment operators, after the high viscosity or dense medium is solved, it is necessary to clean the pneumatic diaphragm pump. Avoid the effect of liquid medium solidification after the normal start-up, and the air diaphragm pump environment will also cause pollution.

When cleaning the pneumatic diaphragm pump, it is generally only necessary to discharge the dirt in the pump chamber after running the diaphragm in the clear pool for a few minutes, but if the diaphragm is damaged during operation, it will cause the transport medium to enter the air valve and the pump chamber, and it is necessary to completely clean the pump body before replacing the diaphragm. When operating, first determine whether the liquid medium is harmful, if it is harmless liquid, you can directly use absorbent towels to scrub the pipeline and pump chamber, if it contains harmful corrosive media or acid and alkaline media, you need to take protective measures and then use water to clean, and pay attention to check other work gradually there is no corrosion.

After the cleaning method of the pneumatic diaphragm pump is clear, the user needs to pay attention to is that the cleaning and maintenance of the pneumatic pump on time can greatly extend the service life, to ensure that the performance of the diaphragm pump has been stable, for the user, before use should determine the composition characteristics of the medium, understand the viscosity and solid particle composition, Avoid forced transport does not meet the requirements of the medium to the pneumatic diaphragm pump caused harm.

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