Explain the working principle of Rotary Lobe pump series products in detail

The Rotary Lobe pump is composed of a stationary pump shell and rotating rotor, it does not have suction valve and discharge valve, the rotor in the pump body and the liquid contact side of the energy in the form of static pressure directly on the liquid, and by the extrusion of the rotating rotor to discharge the liquid, while leaving space on the other side, forming a low pressure, so that the liquid continuous inhalation.

Rotary pump head is higher, flow is usually small, uniform discharge, suitable for conveying high viscosity, lubricity, but does not contain solid particles of liquid. The types of rotor pump are gear pump, screw pump, vane pump, flexible impeller pump, Roots pump, rotary piston pump and so on.

Roots pump

Roots pump is a positive displacement rotor pump. The two figure-eight rotors rotate backward and synchronously through a gear transfer action, thereby draining the fluid between them and the pump body. Roots pump can be divided into two – blade Roots pump and multi – blade Roots pump. Between the rotor and the rotor and the pump body is not in contact with each other, according to the size of the pump leaves a gap of 0.1-1mm, this gap makes Roots pump can run smoothly at high speed.

Flexible impeller pump

Flexible impeller pump is a positive displacement rotor pump. The general form is a flexible impeller installed in a shell with an eccentric section, the two ends of the eccentric section are respectively outlet and entrance. When the impeller rotates away from the eccentric section of the pump shell, the flexible impeller blade straightening produces a vacuum, the liquid is sucked into the pump, with the rotation of the impeller, the liquid also arrives from the suction side to the discharge side, when the blade and the eccentric section of the pump shell contact and bending, the liquid is smoothly discharged out of the pump.

Vane pump

The rotor of the vane pump is cylindrical, with a radial groove, the groove is placed in the slide, slide number can be two or more pieces, slide can slide freely in the groove.

The pump rotor is mounted eccentrically in the pump shell, and the surface of the rotor and the inner surface of the pump shell constitute a crescent space. When the rotor rotates, the slide depends on centrifugal force or spring force (spring on the bottom of the groove) to adhere to the pump cavity. In the first half of the rotor, the space surrounded by the two adjacent slides gradually increases, forming a vacuum, suction liquid, and in the second half of the rotor, the space gradually decreases, the liquid will be squeezed to the discharge pipe.

Rotary piston pump

The rotor of the rotary piston pump is a pair of conjugate cams, and its working process is similar to that of the reciprocating pump. When the CAM rotates, the suction inlet forms a vacuum, and the liquid fills the whole pump shell; The CAM continues to rotate to seal the liquid to the discharge outlet, so suction and discharge valves are not required. The pump is suitable for conveying viscosity 0.2 ~ 10 Pa·s, the temperature does not exceed l 40℃ heavy oil and paper, food, rubber, chemical and other departments of high viscosity medium.

Screw pump

Screw pump is a positive displacement rotor pump. When running, the screw rotates and engages, and the liquid is driven by the spiral groove on one or several screws and discharged along the axial direction.

The main advantages of screw pump are compact structure, flow and pressure basically no pulsation, smooth operation, long life, high efficiency, suitable for a wide range of liquid types and viscosity. The disadvantage is that the manufacturing and processing requirements are high, and the working characteristics are more sensitive to viscosity changes. Screw pump can be divided into single screw pump, double screw pump and three screw pump.

Gear pump

The pump housing of the gear pump has a pair of meshing gears, one of which is the driving gear, the other is the driven gear, driven by the driving gear meshing rotation. There is a small clearance between the gear and the pump housing and between the gear and the gear. When the gear rotates along the direction indicated by the arrow in the figure, the sealed volume between the teeth increases in the left suction chamber where the teeth are gradually out of meshing, forming a local vacuum liquid to be sucked into the suction chamber under the action of pressure difference. With the rotation of the gear, the liquid is pushed forward by the gear in two ways between the gear and the pump casing and sent to the right drainage chamber, where the meshing volume of the two gears gradually decreases. The fluid between the gears is squeezed to the drain.

Gear pump generally comes with a safety valve, when the discharge pressure is too high, the safety valve opens, the high pressure liquid back to the suction. Gear pump stable work, reliable structure, the disadvantage is easy to wear gear teeth.

Gear pump is often used to transport non-corrosive oil and other viscous media, not suitable for the transport of liquid containing solid particles and high volatility, low flash point liquid.

Rotor pump products and technologies are mainly used in petrochemical industry, sewage treatment, railway vacuum discharge system, food and catering, daily chemical manufacturing, Marine, pulp and paper, light industry and other fields. After years of efforts, saiken Pumps has completed thousands of projects for more than 600 customers in more than 80 industries, and the application performance has spread across all industries in China. On this basis, saiken Pumps actively explore products to the sea, and some of its products have been exported to South Asia and the Middle East. saiken Pumps has won the industry reputation for its reliable technology and stable service. In the future, saiken Pumps will continue to innovate and develop as a strong supplier to provide customers with more rotor pump products with long-term application value.

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