AODD pump cold proof concrete how to operate

We do a good job in cold prevention and warm measures at the same time, the maintenance of aodd pump also needs to pay special attention to. This winter protection guide for Air operated double diaphragm pump, saiken Pumps has been put together for you!

  1. Pay attention to the diaphragm temperature

The diaphragm of diaphragm pump has a certain applicable temperature. Teflon diaphragm is fragile at low temperature. For corrosive materials, it is recommended to use softer and more low-temperature resistant super Teflon diaphragm.

  1. Remember to empty the fluid cavity

After using the diaphragm pump in areas prone to icing, remember to exhaust the material in the flow chamber to avoid damaging the diaphragm and seals in the pump due to the icing of the material. If necessary, take the way of compressed air to the flow chamber to ensure complete drainage.

  1. Regular inspection is important

Regular inspection of diaphragm pump working state, fasteners, to prevent fastener loose due to low temperature, material property changes, to avoid the risk of leakage.

  1. Attention should be paid to dry air source

The air source of the diaphragm pump must be kept dry, and the pneumatic triplet must be installed and the oil cup must be kept sufficient; If the muffler freezes, please use the better performance Goode muffler.

  1. Material viscosity will change

When the temperature decreases, the viscosity of the conveying material will also change accordingly. It is necessary to pay attention to the influence of this change on the diaphragm pump, and do a good job of insulation protection in advance. The diaphragm pump valve room can be wrapped with insulation material at low temperature.

  1. Long life of warm water thawing

If the inlet, outlet or main valve of the diaphragm pump is frozen, be sure not to blindly increase the intake pressure and forcibly start the diaphragm pump. Do not use fire to thaw. The frozen part can be gently poured with warm water, and then try to start with low pressure after gradually melting inside, and then gradually increase the intake pressure to the normal operating pressure. Do not use hot water at high temperature during deicing to avoid deformation of rubber seals in the valve chamber.

In winter, pay attention to the maintenance of the pump, maintenance work, not only can prolong the service life of the pump, but also to ensure that the pump at any time to maintain excellent, stable working state.

AODD pump cold proof concrete how to operate-China Saiken Pumps