Advantages of diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pumps can be used in harsh environments, it is a kind of transportation equipment. The advantages of diaphragm pump are also more obvious, can transport high temperature media, the temperature is 150 degrees. It can also transport acid and alkali, toxic and highly corrosive liquids.

Advantages of diaphragm pump

1, simple structure, less wearing parts. Easy to install and maintain.

2, no irrigation water, suction up to 7 meters, lift up to 70 meters.

3, can adjust the head and flow, it can be adjusted by the air source pressure.

4, low shear force, through good performance, can be pumped with particles and viscous liquid.

5, can work in an immersed environment.

6, the pump can be idling, can also dry suction. No damage will be done.

  1. It can work in harsh environments, such as flammable and explosive places.

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