Chemical Polypropylene Filter for electroplating

Chemical Polypropylene Electroplating Filters for Pre-Plating Degrease Solution Filtration of Electroplating Solution. Filtration with Activated Carbon Treatment Electroless Nickel Plating Filters Filters with Self Priming Pump.


The electroplating production line has very high requirements on the precision and quality of the filtration equipment. Ordinary filters cannot achieve the best effect, especially the copper acid and nickel process. If these two processes are not good, the whole production will not be good. So our filter is the best option
High precision and high quality filtration results in the best plating quality.

The filter can save liquid medicine. Assuming that the customer needs to clean the tank once a month, using our filter, it only needs to be cleaned once every two months.

The whole treatment of toner only takes 3 minutes, and the liquid can be recovered without leakage.

After replacing the filter element or plate, it only takes 20-30 seconds to release the air.

Use the configuration protection switch or use the buckle switch.

Electroplating Filter housing is made of the pure PP. The body is one of piece injected without welding. The stand are adopted the integrative mould and increase the intensity of the filter body. It can be resist on high temperature, high pressure, acid and alkali.

According to density and temperature of chemical solution on inject the pump body. Assemble with self-priming pump or magnet drive pump is depending on customers.

Use the leak-proof seal-less magnetic pump, it can totally avoid of the problems of dry running, leakage and the environment pollution.

Filter cartridge or filter bag can be replaced easy. The material of the pump is PVDF or FRPP. The Material of O-ring is VITON or EPT. Inlet and Outlet is PVC or PP. The screw joint can be hard pipe or nipple.

Using the configuration protection switch or use the buckle switch.
Widely used in electroplating , PCB, chemical engineering, medical treatment, water treatment, environmental protection and coating etc.

Filter media can be replaced conveniently. The filter provides high precision with wide area filtering high efficiency , easy to operate and clean.

Titanium(Ti) clamp set also can be provided if customer need it.

Standard accessories: union or flange(including packing and PVC screws). Purchase accessories: switch(including guard), foot valve, check valve, flow-seeing tube, in/outlet flexible, or filter cartridge, filter bag, pump accessories, such cover, impeller etc.